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Трите части на тялото, които винаги забравяме да предпазим от слънцето

Three parts of the body that we always forget to protect from the sun
We always emphasize the same areas: face, shoulders, neckline … It is true that they are the first ones to be burned, and those that will first be affected by the effect of photo-aging. But for global sunshine we should not neglect any part of the body. Which of these areas do we often forget?

  1. The lips are also burned! They always recommend us applying SPF lipstick when we go out in the snow in winter … Why then do we forget to put them when we are in the sun in the summer? Use a lip balm every time you sit out in the sun and bring enough water to hydrate you; the lips are one of the first parts of the body where you will notice dehydration as they dry and crack … And you know that hydrated lips look better …
  2. The legs. The problem is above all the feet. We put a sunscreen cream around the ankles and forget about some parts of the legs that are constantly exposed to the sun. In this area the skin is very thin, there are almost no sweat glands and is a particularly painful area, in direct contact with the shoe, the sandal, etc. and is in constant motion. Do not forget them, because they can make you a bitter summer!
  3. Bikini area. When we apply our sunscreen to the beach all over our body, we usually stop around the bikini area a little earlier because we do not want to dirty your swim … So there’s always a little naked skin where we can not apply sunscreen. Our recommendation? Apply your sunscreen at home before you put on your swimsuit, and on the beach or the pool just lift the bra or bikini lightly and apply the sunscreen. In fact, it’s very easy!

Is there another part of the body you often forget to protect from the sun?