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Hairdressing services Sofia - Haircuts, Dyeing, Hairstyles


Ladies’ procedures:


The procedure includes Goldwell shampoo and conditioner shampoo (+ mask if you want or your hair needs), trimming and drying with a hairdryer. You will also get a lttle spoiling treat from us – a special scalp massage with foam to relax you from the hectic daily routine and to set you on a positive wave.

Hair dryer

Hair styling with hairdryer, preceded by shampoo and balsam (mask on request) and scalp massage with foam – a real pleasure for the senses!

Haircut and hairdryer 

If you want to add to the standard haircut and hairstyling with a hairdryer, do not hesitate to share it with us.


The procedure begins with dyeing, shampooing, balm and mask for dyed hair and drying with a hair dryer in the desired shape. Ask our specialists if you want a different and interesting effect of routine coloring: overflow, shades, balayage, ombre, etc. We will be glad if you trust us to build your most beautiful vision!

Haircut with Coloring

Hair treatment goes through all the stages of coloring, but with a change in the shape and length of the hair. You get an extra bonus – scalp massage with foam – minutes of relaxation for every person with a busy everyday life. Everything ends with a hair dryer according to your preferences.

Ask about our additions:

  • Clusters with foil 

  • Clusters with a comb

  • Matting

  • Hairdryer and press-fitting

  • Hairdressing with a press/curling iron

  • Formal hairstyle 

  • Trial haircut 

Male procedures:

Man’s haircut:

Men’s haircuts also include washing, massage and razor-suturing – an old but proven technology for better results.

Neck hair cleaning 

Shaping a beard