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Professional face therapies Skeyndor Institute Bulgaria Sofia

Facial Therapies

Recovery Therapy for Sensitive Skin AquathermAquatherm

Aquatherm is the ideal solution for sensitive skin as well as skin with early or advanced stage of rosacea and couperose. Thanks to the high content of thermal water from Sally de Bearne from the French Pyrenees, professional therapy and everyday products of the line normalize and soothe the sensitive and inflamed skin.

Results: restores skin protection to aggressive external influences, soothes irritation, scaling and reddening of sensitive skin, creates a feeling of comfort.

Active ingredients: pure collagen of marine origin (99%), thermal water, oligosaccharides.

Hydrating Therapy with Hyaluronic Acid “Power Hyaluronic” Power Hyaluronic

Hyaluronic acid therapy is recommended for every age and season. Main care for the needs of your skin. It contains very low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that restores the hydration balance of the skin to its smallest component, namely – the cell. Complete skin care to faded look, wrinkles from dehydration, dark tan, dry, dehydrated skin, peeling and stains.

Results: moisturizes the skin in depth, reduces wrinkles from dehydration, restores dry, dehydrated skin.

Active ingredients: very low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, sunflower extract, xylitol and its derivatives.

Hydrating and Lifting Therapy for Eye Contour and Eyelashes with Hyaluronic Acid “Power Hyaluronic”Power Hyaluronic

This therapy is the Skeyndor’s answer in all areas associated with the delicate area of the eye contour, which are the expression of aging and fatigue, namely – skin relaxation, mimic wrinkles, pouches and dark circles under the eyes. Therapy nourishes and cares gently for broken and fragile eyelashes, making them healthier, shiny and dense.

Results: instantly refreshes the skin at the eye contour, makes it more hydrated, tight, vibrant, reduces mimic wrinkles and has a lifting effect on the loose upper eyelid, nourishes the eyelashes, improves microcirculation, improves the condition of dark circles and pouches.

Active Ingredients:hyaluronic acid microspheres, mimosa extract, Darutoside, biotin.

Recovery Therapy with Retinol “Power Retinol” Power Retinol

Triple regenerating anti-aging complex of three substances with retinоl-like action, composed of pure retinol, Bakuchoil and water – soluble soy extract, which aid the rejuvenating action of retinol. A wonderful rejuvenating therapy that restores and revives the structure of the skin in a way that re-acquires the qualities of the young skin.

Results:: “replete”, rejuvenated and tight skin, improves the appearance of skin with acne traces, lightens the spots and reduces the traces of photoaging

Active Ingredients:: pure retinol, Bakuchoil, soy extract, marigold, antioxidants.

Antioxidant Therapy with Vitamin C „Power Vitamin C“ Power Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most valuable active ingredients in dermatology, known for its many beneficial effects on the skin. It is a powerful antioxidant, stimulates the metabolism of substances in the skin and the formation of new collagen. Scarecore’s vitamin C therapy is a truly powerful antioxidant cocktail that nourishes the skin, giving it a glowing and healthy look.

Results: feminine, shiny and healthy skin, lightening stains, stimulates collagen production in the skin.

Active Ingredients: Vitamin C, pomegranate extract (Vitamin E and A), pure aloevera juice.

Oxygen Therapy with Urban Pollution Blockers „Power Oxygen“ Power Oxygen

Dual-action therapy that regenerates skin from the effects of urban pollution and saturates it with pure oxygen. Suitable for skin with a “tired”, gloomy and lifeless appearance, with reduced possibilities to protect against the free radicals of the polluted urban environment, as well as traces of premature aging and wrinkles. The procedure stimulates oxygen saturation and restores normal skin processes, stimulates collagen production, shrinks the pores, regains freshness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Results: fed and revitalized skin, regained its shine, uniform tan and restored its processes of oxygenation, detoxification of the skin.

Active ingredients: pure oxygen, latin extract, prebiotics.

Anti-Age Therapy with Undifferentiated Eternal Plant Cells “Eternal” Eternal 

Rich and luxurious anti-aging therapy for the first signs of aging, such as a withered, relaxed skin type and traces of photo-aging. Undifferentiated cells in nanoparticles support the production of new, healthy cells in the skin and thus stimulate skin renewal from the inside out.

Results: Dense, nourished and healthy skin, slows down aging and increases longevity of the skin.

Active Ingredients: undifferentiated apple cells in nanoliposomes, Jambu extract, sea fennel, sea lavender, lupine, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid + silicon.

“Botox Like” Corrective Filler Therapy Corrective

By combining in one of the filling techniques and substances that soothe skin contractions, Corrective therapy is a wonderful weapon to combat mimic wrinkles, to the deeper ones. As a result of the effect of therapy, the wrinkles gradually and naturally disappear after the first few procedures.

Results: improves the state of mimic and deep wrinkles, restores skin density, leaves skin nourished and hydrated.

Active Ingredients: 3 peptide-filling and relaxing muscle contractions peptides, lyophilized hyaluronic acid.

Lifting Therapy “Global Lift” Global lift (at client’s request the procedure can be performed by a fast Japanese massage Kobido) 

GLOBAL LIFT (ProGEN-in) is an exclusive, patented Skeyndor technology that is based on the principle of therapies that stop the aging process (returns time back to the old cells and postpones aging processes in new ones). A comprehensive anti-aging strategy that aims to achieve a remodeling effect on the face.

Results: remodeling the oval of the face, filling the dermis and restoring the loss of collagen and elastin volume degradation, reducing the length and depth of vertical wrinkles.

Active ingredients: (ProGEN-in) complex, red pepper extract, lupine

“Derma Peel PRO” Whitening Procedure

Extremely exfoliating action without bruising, combining all the techniques of cosmetology in one procedure. A powerful weapon for skin renewal – whiten stains and prevents their future appearance by acting on a genetic level. The combination of glycolic, citric and phytic acid unifies the color of the skin and removes the surface patches.

Results:whiten stains, exfoliate, unifies skin color, prevents new stains.

Active Ingredients: diamond powder, glycolic acid, citric acid, phytic acid, protease.

Anti-Age Peeling Procedure “Derma peel PRO”

A strong peeling procedure that combines all the five known piling techniques – mechanical, chemical, enzymatic peeling and peptides – to completely renew and exfoliate the skin and improve the microrelief of the mature skin.

Results: unifies skin color, removes fine lines, renews and rejuvenates skin.

Active Ingredients: diamond powder, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, protease.

Cleansing Therapy for Oily and Acne Skin “Clear Balance”

Skin therapy for hyper sebum production (oily skin), acne, or susceptible to comedones. If necessary, the procedure is performed by cleaning the face. It has antibacterial action, reduces sebum production and gently reduces pores. Appropriate care for both acne problems and treatment of the non-static effect of the enlarged pores.

Results: clean and soothing skin with restored functions and protection

Active Ingredients: ursic acid in liposomes, extract of astragalus and elk walnut

Еnergizing Anti-aging Men’s Care “Skeyndor Men”

Men-only therapy that delivers everything needed to mature male skin. Combination of cleansing techniques and two types of massage with anti-age and lifting effect. It restores the protective forces of the male skin and has a strong antioxidant effect.

Results: nourishes the skin, regains the softness, shine and turgidity of the skin.

Active Ingredients: exfoliating diamond powder, pure oxygen, titanium powder, water from the Swiss Glaciers.

Moisturizing Care for Men “Skeyndor Men”

Hydrating Terpium for dry and dehydrated male skin that cleanses and moisturises the skin in depth. Prevents skin damage from unintended changes in hydration levels. The concentrate is enriched with organic silicone, vit. C and thermal water – a complex created to restore and maintain homeostasis – the balance of the male skin.

Results: Cleans, hydrates and restores the balance of the male skin

Active Ingredients: exfoliating diamond powder, pure oxygen, titanium powder, water from the Swiss Glaciers

Luxury Procedure “Timeless Prodigy”

Luxury meets science in the most powerful anti-aging system ever created!

25 highly concentrated ingredients effective on 42,000 of existing human genes combined in the 3 highest technology anti-age strategies selected and combined in one to restore the everlasting and perfect beauty! Created with the latest generation of multi-gene technology, TIMELESS PRODIGY is the result of the perfect combination of three skin regeneration strategies: cellular activators, cell enhancement and cellular enhancers.

Exclusive professional therapy: inspired by the most selected and refined rituals.

The TIMELESS PRODIGY ritual is a true feast of the senses, embraced by the delicacy of sophisticated luxury that rejuvenates and revives the skin and the spirit.

Results: anti-aging experience that makes the skin velvety soft, smooth and dense, aligns color and gives a shine to the face

Active ingredients: 25 highly effective ingredients, including French champagne extracts, white truffles, undifferentiated cells of Bulgarian rose oil, 5 growth factors.

Face Cleaning

Face cleansing is a routine procedure to keep the skin clean and in good condition. Primary care, including dirt cleansing, peeling, extraction, darson roll, mask and finishing cream. If necessary, the procedure may be supplemented with a specific ampoule according to the needs of the skin after prior consultation with the client.



Enzyme peel / glycolic acid

Facial Massage

A specific face massage which includes drainage and soothing techniques that stimulate collagen production and activate blood flow and toxin disposal. The procedure ends with a mask according to the type of skin.

30-Minute Short Procedures

In case of a shortage of time, but a huge desire to pamper and make your skin feel “comfortable” we will offer a rocedure according to skin type and needs.